Polaris BUGGY RZR 700cc **Car Driving License**

Starting from 70€ /per day
The ultimate vehicle for unforgettable summer holidays. Just hop in and explore Mykonos in style.
2020 Petrol Auto 25000 Book Now

Buggy Predator FX400 *Car driving license**

Starting from 50€ /per day
With this 4-wheeler you will make your vacation in Mykonos unforgettable. Be it, cruising to your favorite beach bar, or driving to the city for a night out, this Buggy will make heads turn.
2021 Unleaded Auto 25000 Book Now

Kymco 170cc ATV **Car Driving License**

Starting from 30€ /per day
Want to rev up on a 4 wheel ATV in Mykonos? Definitely you need one to show off on the island. With CAR DRIVING LICENSE. Suitable for 2 people.
2018 Gasoline Auto 100 Book Now

KYMCO ATV 300cc – Car Driving License****

Starting from 45€ /per day
Want to drive the ultimate vehicle on the island?? Want to differ from the others and explore every inch of the island? This 300cc powerful magnificent Kymco is for you then. Suitable for 2
2018 Unleaded Auto 25000 Book Now

KYMCO ATV 450cc – Car Driving License****

Starting from 35€ /per day
Hop on this powerful ATV and witness the island on top of the ultimate summer vehicle!
2018 Unleaded Auto 25000 Book Now

Hyundai i20

Starting from 39€ /per day
Hyundai i20 is a fun way to be on the move while in style. It is special for the narrow streets of Mykonos and promises to please you with its beauty.
2012 Unleaded Manual 16000 Book Now
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