Hyundai i20

Starting from 39€ /per day
Hyundai i20 is a fun way to be on the move while in style. It is special for the narrow streets of Mykonos and promises to please you with its beauty.
2012 Unleaded Manual 16000 Book Now

Ford Fiesta

Starting from 42€ /per day
The Fiesta delivers fun handling and an entertaining drive, and it is easy to drive around.. Make heads turn in Mykonos with this beauty.
2014 Gasoline Manual 1000 Book Now

Chevrolet Spark

Starting from 34€ /per day
Spark. As the name suggests it is fast, hot and full of surprises! Perfect to roam around in Mykonos even through the narrowest streets.
2014 Gasoline Manual 10000 Book Now

Nissan X-Trail

Starting from 89€ /per day
Want to drive or be driven to renowned Mykonos beaches, sink in leather seats and feel the breeze of the A/C? Visit Mykonos in this 4x4.
2015 Diesel - Gasoline Manual - Auto 25000 Book Now

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio

Starting from 60€ /per day
This soft top cabriolet will get you where you want with its 4x4 capability. Make summer count while approaching remote beaches in Mykonos.
2010 Gasoline Manual 10000 Book Now


Starting from 42€ /per day
The VW Up is one of the best economy cars around, it’s great to drive, classy and cheap to run. Perfect to match Mykonos glamourous style.
2014 Gasoline Manual 10000 Book Now
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