Nissan Micra

Starting from 42€ /per day
Cute, safe and seriously good value - Micra ticks all the boxes. Drive around Mykonos in this spacious car and enjoy your vacation.
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VW Polo

Starting from 46€ /per day
Comfort, beautiful interior and ergonomy are only some words that define VW Polo. Visit all Mykonos sights in this German classy car.
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Ford Focus

Starting from 48€ /per day
This great to drive, well equipped Ford is one of the most enjoyable compact family hatchbacks to drive. Rent this vehicle for an extra touch.
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Hyundai i10

Starting from 39€ /per day
The Hyundai i10 is the best small car around. It’s quiet, roomy, excellent value for money and confident to do the job. You will love Mykonos through its prism.
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VW Beetle Cabrio

Starting from 65€ /per day
Want to feel the air of Mykonos passing through your hair in a classical German masterpiece? Own Mykonos in a Beetle then.
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Suzuki Alto

Starting from 39€ /per day
The Alto makes life simple in Mykonos, because the dinky dimensions and tight turning circle give you hassle-free maneuvering.Enjoy The island by renting a Suzuki Alto!
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