Midsize cars to rent in Mykonos. Choose among a great variety of cars. Our belief and mentality is to offer an excellent service of vehicle rentals at affordable prices.

Hyundai i20

Starting from 39€ /per day
Hyundai i20 is a fun way to be on the move while in style. It is special for the narrow streets of Mykonos and promises to please you with its beauty.
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Ford Fiesta

Starting from 42€ /per day
The Fiesta delivers fun handling and an entertaining drive, and it is easy to drive around.. Make heads turn in Mykonos with this beauty.
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Starting from 42€ /per day
The VW Up is one of the best economy cars around, it’s great to drive, classy and cheap to run. Perfect to match Mykonos glamourous style.
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Nissan Micra

Starting from 42€ /per day
Cute, safe and seriously good value - Micra ticks all the boxes. Drive around Mykonos in this spacious car and enjoy your vacation.
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VW Polo

Starting from 46€ /per day
Comfort, beautiful interior and ergonomy are only some words that define VW Polo. Visit all Mykonos sights in this German classy car.
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